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The Stars

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Annabelle Lee

Teensy tiny Annabelle Lee used to be a dancer. Now she's full time porn star and comic booth enthusiast. She's a pint-sized mix of sweetness and sass.

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Billie Sweet

Billie has that sweet old school pin-up girl style. She's definitely a throw-back to screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield.

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Calico Lane

Calico is an NYC-based porn performer & model. She's a bdsm switch who's into non-monogomy. This kitty is a whiskey drinking, home sewing girl, who proudly sports l'oreal feria #74. That's some intense red, bitches.

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Charlie Ninja

Charlie calls herself a ninja because of her uncanny ability to kick ass while still remaining cool, calm and sexy. She's James Dean, resurrected.

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Dallas Fivestar

Funny, fun and spicy Dallas livens up a room when she comes in. Porn is a huge part of life for Dallas, who loves being on both sides of the camera.

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Delores Haze

Delores made her porn debut with Juicy Pink Box's THERAPY. Her sweet smile and petite frame tease you, but don't be fooled- this gal is in control. She's back to titillate in HOTEL. When she's not on screen, Delores works a sex-positive activist and sex educator.

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Dylan Ryan

Dylan is a big name in lesbian pornography. She just played the porn version of Samantha Ronson in Hustler's rip off of Lindsay Lohan's sex life. Dylan has killer style and loves poring over fashion magazines and watching runway shows.

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Ela Darling

Ela Darling switched from a career as a sultry reference librarian to one of a full time porn star in late 2009. Still new to the industry, she blogs about her on-screen exploration of bondage and beautiful women, as well as her love of making Pretty Porn for Smart People on her website,darlingela.com. You're certain to run into her amongst artists and fashionistas in blossoming downtown Los Angeles where she spends many a night drinking, dazzling, and go go dancing in one of the many neighborhood galleries.

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