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Dallas Fivestar

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About Dallas Fivestar

Funny, fun and spicy Dallas livens up a room when she comes in. Porn is a huge part of life for Dallas, who loves being on both sides of the camera.


Taxi Ep 1A country club yuppie (Jiz Lee) steps out on her wife with a hottie from the wrong side of the tracks. Their intense sexual connection fuels this rough ride.

Dallas Fivestar

Confessions Ep 2Dallas shows off the cutest butt in the industry and tells us why she loves to make porn.


Taxi Ep 3Taxi driver (Syd Blakovich) climbs into the backseat to get rough with a patron (Dallas Fivestar). New in town, Dallas has never experienced a surprising tryst like this. While parked under a bridge Syd tops Dallas, goes down and finger-fucks Dallas into a hard orgasm. The taxi driver climbs into the backseat to get rough with a patron. In this installment, Syd flips Dallas over, and sits on her face with hips pushing hard into Dallas. When Syd has had her fun, Dallas is pulled up and Syd heads downtown once more.

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