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About Keilyn

Don't let the glasses fool you, this Aussie babe is really sexy and all natural!


Aussie Lust Ep 3Keilyn gets right to the point; she's masturbating and can't be bothered with subtlety, after all. Speaking of not being subtle, she's not exactly circumspect in talking about how much she'd like the woman working the camera to get busy with her, dirty talking on every detail.


Aussie Lust Ep 4Dirty-talking Australian cutie Keilyn explains and demonstrates her favorite masturbation techniques. Feel free to join her in having a good wank -- but don't blame me if your screen needs a serious cleaning by the time you're done!


Aussie Lust Ep 5Our favorite chatty Aussie, Keilyn, is back to 'have a good wank' while waxing poetic about which parts of her body she likes to have touched, and how. Come to think of it... speaking on behalf of clueless guys everywhere, I think it would be really helpful if EVERY woman made a video just like this one!


Aussie Lust Ep 6To quote the great Frank Zappa: "A girl don't need no fancy grease to get herself some rump release!" While it's not rump release she's aiming for, Keilyn proves the truth of Frank's statement in her choice of lube: plain old olive oil. Hey, you can't argue with her results!

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