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Madison Young

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About Madison Young

Madison is the kinky girl next door-an award winning bdsm and fetish porn star, adult performer, director, published writer, artist and gallerist.


Taxi Ep 2A wealthy New Yorker (Jiz Lee) hires a sophisticated domme (Madison Young) to tease her in the back of a taxi. The domme teases her blindfolded client and slowly undresses herself. When her client can't take anymore teasing, the domme brings her eager client to a satisfying climax.


Taxi Ep 4Roommates have a lusty encounter in the back of the taxi. As the cab heads downtown, so does Madison Young. Justine Joli enjoys the action before she takes control. Roommates have a hot hookup on the way home from a party. Before Madison gets some downtown action from Justine, she gives a licks her way down Justine's long legs to her high heels.


Taxi Ep 5Nic Switch, Madison Young and Jiz Lee toss each other around the backseat in this hot 3-way. After a little blow job action on Nic and Jiz, Madison takes them both inside in a sexy, sweaty double penetration. Madison Young turns the table on Nic Switch and flips her. Madison and Jiz tease her, play with her cock and fuck her until she comes.

Madison Young

Confessions Ep 6Madison tells all about her TAXI shoots with Jiz Lee and Justine Joli. She also shares an unfulfilled secret fantasy.

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