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Mia Hartt

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About Mia Hartt

Kara Dashka & Mia Hartt

Aussie Lust Ep 9Awesome Aussies Kara and Mia engage in a playful, sensual romp, fingering and licking each other to multiple shuddering climaxes.

Mia Hartt

Aussie Lust Ep 17Mia takes to the couch for good midday wank. What a pretty pussy this lovely lass has!

Mia Hartt

Aussie Lust Ep 18It doesn't take a whole lot to get Mia fired up and ready for a good wank -- looking out the window and seeing people walking through the neighborhood, for example. Whatever; if it inspires her to play with those pert little nipples of hers, it works for me!

Mia Hartt

Aussie Lust Ep 19Mia takes to the couch to talk about her favorite thing: pussy, and "smooth pussy" specifically. She also reveals that she's halfway through the process of having her pubic area laser-treated to make it permanently hair-free. Sounds good to us!

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