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About Petria


Aussie Lust Ep 24Petria has a thing for the color pink; she has pink in her hair, a pink dress, a pink pillow, and one hell of a nice, pink pussy!


Aussie Lust Ep 25If I were as hot as Petria, I'd probably spend a lot of time playing with myself in front of the mirror, too. I probably wouldn't invite a cameraman to film me, of course... but I'm sure glad that Petria did!


Aussie Lust Ep 26Rise and shine! For Petria, there's no better way to wake up in the morning than with a good wank. Watching her do it is a pretty good way to "rise," yourself, if you know what I mean...


Aussie Lust Ep 27How come my maid doesn't dress like this? Actually, come to think of it, my maid weighs about 300 pounds and is over 50 years old, so maybe it's better that she *doesn't* dress like this. It works for Petria, though... it works just fine.

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